Voice & Steel is a solo Project of Joseph Blue Grant, wich is an acoustic performance with steel drums and vocal, singing originals and evergreen coversongs, including Soul, Reggae, Gospel and Rasta Chants.

And can also be booked for sound system shows:


Founded by Joseph Blue Grant in the nineties to promote and distribute original Reggae music in Germany and the rest of Europe to give due respect to the original Foundation Reggae musicans and Artists in this time when all the focus is on Dancehall Ragga Artists.

I Joseph Grant sees it fitting to give respect and attention to the foundation members of this music fraternity, because without these singers and players of instrument we would not have todays Dancehall music. And on the topic of “Dancehall” there is a misconception of Dancehall – most people think Dancehall music is just Ragga and Slackness. But there is the original Dancehall concept of Roots Rock Dancehall music which Music&Culture Soundsystem still continue to play. Don’t forget the Dancehall Kings of the seventies such as: Sugar Minot, Bunny Wailer, Lynval Thomson, Alton Ellis, Ken Boothe, Dennis Brown, John Holt and Marcia Griffith to name a few. Also the Roots Rock Dancehall continues still in this millenium in the likes of Glen Washinton, Luciano, Garnet Silk, Tony Rebel, Brigadeer Jerry, (“Still Cool” Joseph Blue Grant), Sizzla, Anthony B etc, etc.

This Style of Dancehall can be heard everywhere in Germany or in Holland where Music&Culture, the original Jamaican Sound, is playing.

Selected by the original Jamaican born and bred – Mr. Joseph Blue Grant.

Can be seen on all major Reggae Festival in Europe, especialy on Germany´s ReggaeJam, Gracys Bash or in Holland on Reggae Sundance etc. etc.

Promoting the Rasta Vibration of One Love, One Heart.

Peace and Love, Jah Rasta Fari


  • Roger Robin MINOR MATTERS

written by E. Williams & C. Dodo
arrangement and mix by Jerry Lions
produced by E. Henry
for Blue Records

  • Culture Levi SWEET AFRICA

written by E. Williams & C. Dodo
arrangement and mix by Jerry Lions
produced by E. Henry
for Blue Records

  • Joseph ‚Blue‘ Grant (Still Cool) TO BE POOR IS A CRIME

written and produced by Joseph Grant for Blue Records
Joseph ‚Blue‘ Grant (Still Cool) – Party Time
Joseph ‚Blue‘ Grant (Still Cool) – Poverty Is Wicked
Joseph ‚Blue‘ Grant (Still Cool) – Stop This Misery
Culture Levi – The Lord Is My Light / Voice In Progress
Joseph ‚Blue‘ Grant (Still Cool) – Speak Yacob, Speak / Voice In Progress
Joseph ‚Blue‘ Grant (Still Cool) – Distance Makes No Barriers


Original members: Joseph Grant (founder), Frank Dimond, Colin Campbel, Steven Hylton